Wyman Memorial United Church and Cote St. Charles United Churches are inclusive welcoming churches. We also reach outside to collaborate with other communities of faith and to help individuals and communities in need who would welcome our participation and support.

Our faith is rooted in the teachings of Christ. We cherish our spiritual development and Wyman’s important role in it because it serves to explain, enrich and guide our role in this world as Christians striving to live our faith. We come together to a place where we can learn about our faith, a place where we can be listened to without being judged, a place where we can get in touch with our inner thoughts and feelings in peace, a place where we can seek understanding and support when we need and want it.

Our challenge is to live our faith and to give reality to our Mission Statement.

For financial gifts and gifts of time and talents

Some of us contribute weekly through envelopes, some monthly through Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR), some by credit card, some annually by cheque, or some combination of these.  Please enter your financial pledge for 2020 in the appropriate places below.   Use the SUBMIT to send.  It will be sent to our Administrator, Doris Elliott and will be handled in confidence.

United News - October 2019

In the attached United News newsletter, you will find:

  • Thanksgiving Letter from the Minister
  • Our Seasonal Calendar
  • Welcome to Children!
  • KAIROS Blanket exercise
  • Birthday invitation
  • New members' Sunday
  • Welsh Choir
  • Our Congregation: Journeying into the future
  • Stewardship Campaign
  • From the Choir Loft
  • Climate Change and Us
  • Media Communications Protocol
  • Calendars for 2020
  • All Saints' Day

A Sunday Reflection:

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Mary and Martha.

This story of Jesus visiting with the two of them has gotten a lot of attention.

We are drawn to look at Mary, as she sits and listens to the teacher, to Jesus.

It is an important image in several ways.
First is the way contained in the phrase I just used:
“As she sits and listens to the teacher, to Jesus.”
Quite shocking for the time:
“She listened” - in that time, it was the men who were expected to listen to the teachers. And teachers were expected to spend time with the men.