Sale of Wyman

Submitted by webtech on Thu, 10/29/2020 - 01:55


Sale of the Wyman church and property (not the upper parking)

There have been many rumours about the sale of the Wyman building - it seems some were accurate, some were not.  Negotiations have taken two months, which have concluded, and then there were final conditions to be fulfilled, which have now been met, thus allowing us to give full information.

Welcome to Angel Tag!!!

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Sadly, Summer does not last forever!  Summer Harvest items are here and so are goodies for your Fall table, like fresh apple pies and all sorts of pickled goods.  Quantities are limited so check them out and place your order soon.
Remember to place your Thanksgiving orders early! Orders placed before Wednesday, October 7th will be delivered by Saturday, October 10th, in time for Thanksgiving dinner. After that, our regular deliveries will resume after Thanksgiving weekend, on Tuesday October 13th.




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Due to hackers, we are going to be re-building our website over the next few weeks.  Please bear with us!

Nous sommes en train de reétablir notre site web .  Votre patience est apprécié !