By simply buying groceries, household items, gas etc. the church receives a percentage (normally around 3%) of the sale. An excellent and easy way to support your church by buying items you need! We encourage you to participate.

You may purchase your Fundscrip gift cards after worship each Sunday.

Here are some edited excerpts from

Raising funds for a church or any organization is not an easy task.

“The reality is that everyone is pulled in so many different directions with regards to giving money and there is a saturation point. However, operating costs, especially in old buildings tend to go anywhere but down. This is the conundrum that our church, among many others, is facing.  However, with every obstacle there is a solution and in our case the solution is FundScrip. The beauty of the FundScrip program is that it enables our members to give back to the church simply by spending money they already spend. There is no catch!”

>> Cameron Fortin, Cedar Park United Church

A Brief History of Church & Service Organization Fundraising

Long before fundraising became a frequently used word in our vocabulary, religious groups and service organizations were raising money for their missions, ministries, upkeep and projects that were near and dear to their hearts.  These groups were the pioneers of the modern day fundraising organizations that are so prevalent today.

Why Do Churches & Service Groups Fundraise?

Religious organizations run almost solely on donations and must count on their supporters to give without fail. Their members want to support them; but the reality is that it has become harder to compete with all the other legitimate causes out there. And with so much competition for everyone’s charitable dollars, it’s getting more difficult for many groups to achieve their fundraising goals.

So Fundscript is a way that our supporters can earn money for the work of the church when they buy groceries, gas and other household items, while still shopping at their favorite stores.

The FundScrip Fundraising Solution

Our members spend thousands of dollars every year on basic household items like food, gas, clothing, pharmacy, restaurants, electronics, home renovations, department stores, an so on.

By  purchasing gift cards through your the congregation before you shop, and then spending them just like cash, the congregation earns cash contributions from all of their purchases.

With FundScrip,  everyday spending is transformed into fundraising dollars for your church.

Just think – each time you supporters buy groceries; put gas in their car; go to the movies; make improvements to their home; give a gift; or just plain go shopping, much needed funds are contributed to your church.