Regular Activities

We have three regular activities - -


Our community of faith gathers each Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship.  Our worship is not overly formal.  For those who come in person, dress varies - certainly not extremely dressed up.  Watch the front page for our worship schedule - showing locations - or join us on-line.  (using our regular Zoom link which can be obtained HERE).

Walking Through Grief

Walking through Grief is modelled after “Mourning” Walks, sponsored by Hope and Cope of the Jewish General Hospital. “Walking Through Grief” is a weekly time which began in the fall of 2017.  We seek to share support among those who are grieving a loss of a family member, a friend, etc.  This group is open to anyone in our communities, and is not limited to people of our congregation - there are individuals taking part who are not active in any congregation.

Every Wednesday morning you are invited to gather at 10:00AM in parking lot at Selkirk and Main. The group will walk to Jack Layton Park and then on through the forest, and then have a late breakfast (11:00 a.m.) together.  

There is no commitment - people come when they can.  There is lots of general conversation, a reading about grief that sometimes triggers significant conversation... and more chat.  It is a safe place to talk about grief, or just to be.

Feel free to spread the word to others who may be carrying a burden.


Reflections and Connections

March 2020....  Suddenly we found ourselves spending a lot of time not going anywhere and not seeing anyone.  At that time we started Reflections and Connections.  We had lots of people then - the need to get together was great, and we found that using Zoom allowed us to connect in that time of disconnection.  Now we do not have disconnection because of COVID - but still, having a chance to connect every week is important to those who gather.  We're not a big group - but we're ready to welcome new folk any time! 

We gather on Zoom almost every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. (using our regular Zoom link which can be obtained HERE).  We have a time of unstructured conversation, and then a theme is introduced for more focused discussion - often linked to a scripture passage, but not always.  There is a short time of prayer, and more conversation.  This little group can be joined without commitment - many folk drop by every week, others very occasionally.  In either case - you are welcome!