Visioning Survey

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Your Visioning Committee (Don Wood, Margie Chesney, John Cachionne, Kim Race and Kent Chown) is building on the work done a couple of years ago when the congregation took part in various fora to clarify our direction.

Now, to continue that work, the Visioning Committee is seeking your input.  Please fill in the form below no later than Tuesday, April 12. 

Note that any personal information is optional, and all information submitted will be treated with respect.

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As we move toward having a place to worship together, we would like to have an understanding of how we view ourselves and how we would like our community to view us. Would you please take a moment to answer a few questions?

(note - if you are more than one in a household, you can answer together, or each fill in a separate form)

Getting Started

Looking ahead

Looking ahead to when we are in our renewed sanctuary, and able to worship regularly in person, we would like to have your input.

Active Faith ideas

Would you be interested in any of these activities?

Community and World Around Us

Looking at the world and community around us, there are a lot of issues of concern

If the congregation were active in any the following world issues, which ones would interest you sufficiently to participate with time and energy?

Any other input?

Who is responding?


The following questions are completely optional

Would you be willing to give us your contact information or have us contact you to follow up? If so, please give us your name and email or phone number.

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