The Hudson Pastoral Charge rents its hall space.  In general, unless there is another rental or funeral:

Hall Availability
Wyman Hall,
Wyman Memorial

Daytimes:  All except Sunday and Wednesday morning, and except late Tuesday afternoon

Evenings:  All

Mullan Hall,
Wyman Memorial

Daytimes:  Only Sunday afternoon and Saturday

Evenings:  Occasional Tuesday; Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Mowatt Hall,
Wyman Memorial

Daytimes:  Wednesday morning;  Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon

Evenings:  All except Monday

Côte St. Charles
U.C. Hall:

Daytimes:  All available.

Evenings: All Available.


25$ per hour - New, one time rental

24$ per hour - Long term rentals

List of Conditions are attached to Contracts or available on request from the office. 

The Sanctuaries are occasionally rented for specific purposes.

For information on details of availability, costs and reservations, please call the office on weekday mornings at 450-458-4912 or use the contact form at: