November 28 - Advent 1 - in-person and on-line

Submitted by webtech on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 01:49

On the First Sunday of Advent,  November 28, we will offer worship both on-line and in-person.  The in-person worship will be at St-Mary's Church Hall (between Butternut and Turtle Pond);  the on-line worship will be at our usual Zoom link.

For the in-person worship, pre-registration is mandatory.  Note that anyone eligible for vaccination (ie, 12+) must show proof of sufficient vaccination (passport, vaccination papers issued at time of vaccination etc.)

Only 25 participants may be admitted, masking is required, distancing from non-family members will be maintained. 

If you wish to attend in person, please fill in the form below.

Note:  if ever we have more that 25 registrants, you will be informed and placed on a waiting list.

Do ALL have, or meet the requirements for, the QC vaccine passport? (including double-vaccinated folk from Ontario)
- do you have the Québec passport, or you can show proof that you are sufficiently vaccinated against COVID-19, or show proof that you meet the criteria for the passport in another way.  (applies to all 12 years of age and up)