Essential Information - COVID-19

I want to be sure that essential accurate information is available in our communities.

Symptoms - Temperature, Cough, Difficulty Breathing

DO NOT GO TO A CLINIC. Do not go to a hospital unless you are in distress.
In Québec call (toll-free): 1-877-644-4545. They will direct you as to what to do.

NOTE: If you have other emergencies and medical needs, be guided by usual principles. Ex - if you have chest pains, call 911 and you will be cared for in the hospital. Continue your standard medications.

Self-Isolation - anyone returning to Canada is to self-isolate for 14 days. Others are choosing self-isolation.

Don't go to the store for supplies - go home, get delivery. Many grocery stores are delivering. Pharmacies are delivering. Restaurants are delivering. If you call a store and they are not able to deliver, THEN call Don Wood (Call the office 450458-4912 if you don't have it, as we will not post personal numbers on the website). We have volunteers who will drop at your porch. Ideally, you will call the store, have your order prepared, and pay by credit card on the telephone. If not able to pay by credit card, the next best payment method is to send payment by interac transfer to the volunteer delivering. ONLY if neither of these is possible, a cheque in an ENVELOPE (not a plastic bag) will be picked up from your mailbox by the volunteer leaving your supplies on your porch.

The volunteer will isolate the envelope and cheque for several days.


Isolation for those under investigation (gives ideas for all self-isolation) -
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Ibuprofen: IF you have COVID-19, the WHO has now indicated that ibuprofen should NOT be taken, though the cause-effect linkage has not been clarified. IF you don't have COVID-19, there is no cause to change medication.

Spreading by ventilation systems - This does not happen, as the mode of transmission is primarily by droplets (alternate mode - by virus left on surfaces). These droplets fall to immediate surfaces. This is unlike TB, for example, which is transmitted as an aerosol.