A Future Possibility

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On Sunday, October 28, the congregation gathered for a unique Stewardship Luncheon.

Kent began by sharing material from a Church Council visioning session. Two of the difficult facts that confronted the Council were a massive deficit anticipated for 2019 ($38,000); and the fact that the Wyman church building, even after rentals, creates $24,000 of the deficit. This is not including the much-needed repair of the sanctuary roof. Two positive facts that also presented themselves: we clearly identify people and faith as the most important aspects of our existence.

Lisa Van Egmond and Laurel Picard then reflected on the weekly empty pews and difficult finances, and invited the congregation to look 20 years into the future.

Finally, Lisa presented a scale model and photographs that showed how the Côte Church could be re-developed into a viable worship and community space, along with office, all-purpose and washroom spaces on the main floor, and a spot for our treasured stained glass. A part of this plan would be to move the back wall of the sanctuary out 21 feet - to the actual end of the current foundation - and to extend to the south.

There was a sense of grief at the idea of selling the Wyman property to make this reality. Those who opposed the idea were invited to send other ideas to Kent by e-mail. After much discussion those present indicated an overall enthusiasm to look into the details of such a plan (costs, etc). Council will follow-up shortly.


Côte Church - North Elevation - 2018 North elevation - as is, 2018
North elevation - possible design North elevation, possible design with 21-foot extension over the existing foundation.
North-East View - as is North-East View, as is, 2018
North-East View - possible design North-East view, possible design, showing both extensions.
Côte Model - Closed Model of possible design of Côte Church with extension.
Model of Possible Design - Open

Possible design showing extended santuary (21 feet)

and with extension for office space, washrooms and multi-purpose room