Stewardship Luncheon

Wyman Memorial UC
On Sunday October 28, you are all invited to
a luncheon, sponsored by the Stewardship & Finance Committee and at the luncheon .........
The United Church - worship and food are two of our hallmarks!
So.... on October 28th we will gather for worship, then share our Stewardship Luncheon.... and have the opportunity to order some more food items which are a fundraiser for the Congregation. In fact, the congregation retains 40% of
all sales.
Epicure is a company that sells high-quality ingredients (and other items) to help us create wonderful meals.
What is for sale? Three awesome collections: (Prices include shipping & handling.)
PRICE: $25**
Lemon Dilly Dip Mix
3 Onion Dip Mix
CCB Dip Mix
Extraordinary Cheese Dip Recipe Card
PRICE: $20**
Taco Seasoning
Mac & Cheese Seasoning
One Pot Pasta Seasoning
Pulled Chicken
Cha Cha Chili Seasoning
PRICE: $20**
Chocolate Velvet
Cheesecake Mix
Chocolate Pudding Mix
Gluten Free Chocolate
Brownie Mix
On October 28th we will, during the Luncheon, share samples from the Extraordinary Trio and the Healthier Deserts. We’ll take your orders. AND we will give to you order forms to be returned Sunday, November 11, or before. That way you can get orders from your friends and neighbours – anyone who likes to eat! Payment is by cheque or cash (or tap for orders made at the church, up to your tap limit (usually 100$)).
Delivery is expected no later than Sunday, November 25. Which means that these sets can make an excellent Christmas Gift - one that you don’t need to worry about adding clutter or collecting dust on a giftee’s shelf because they will get used and enjoyed!
• 100% gluten free
• produced in a nut-free facility
• sugar and sodium conscious
• mostly Non-GMO Project verified
• Kosher Check certified
• made with whole foods
For more info: