Sale of Wyman

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Sale of the Wyman church and property (not the upper parking)

There have been many rumours about the sale of the Wyman building - it seems some were accurate, some were not.  Negotiations have taken two months, which have concluded, and then there were final conditions to be fulfilled, which have now been met, thus allowing us to give full information.

We will be signing in November, and the buyer will take possession on November 30th.  

In part, the negotiation period was long because of issues with the building inspection, and resulting adjustments.  In the end, the net sale price after adjustments is $900,000.00.    This amount is significantly less than we were hoping for; it is also significantly more than offers which we did not accept or consider, and after a year on the market it was decided, after much thought, to go ahead with this sale.  

We must be thankful to the leadership of the congregation, in particular the members of Council and the members of the Board of Trustees, for truly struggling with this challenge over the last year.  Decisions were not easy, but these individuals are to be commended for their commitment to the well-being of the congregation.

Your Council is pleased to tell you that the exterior of the building will be maintained.  Further, the Council is very happy to share with you that the building will continue to be used by a community of faith as the buyer is a Sikh congregation.

This is now a time when we will learn about the Sikh religion.  This religion shares many of our values: equality, peace, justice and one God (monotheism).  Though the façade of the church building will not be changed, as per the requirement of the Town, the worship space will be adapted to their needs.  It would be reasonable to think that, because of our shared values, we may be able to have an interfaith relationship in the future.

Please be sure to understand that our original exclusions are still in place.  Our stained glass that is in memory of individuals, the Celtic Cross and many other elements shall remain with us and continue to enrich our worship and community experience in the renewed Côte building.  The pews were also an exclusion - but there is not room for them “up Côte”.  But other furnishings will go with us - the communion table, baptismal font, and much more.

What’s next

We need to remove everything from the building, excluding the Sanctuary, by November 15.  We need to remove what is in the Sanctuary soon after that.

We will need the following in the next month:

  • Volunteers to pack  (Following protocols - please be sure you are clear on OUR protocols - if not clear, check with Kent)
  • Volunteers to drive things to where they are going - cars, trucks, trailers....
  • Places to store items.  We need different storage areas for different things for this winter -
  • Dry storage for memorial plaques, padded chairs, electronic equipment, desks....
  • Storage space for durable items (folding tables, plastic/metal chairs)
  • Buyers!  We have published a list of items for sale at  This includes pews - they are long, but can be cut down to length.

We do not have a budget for moving.  The stained glass will be done professionally, so it is hoped that the sale of items will cover that cost and some of the others.

Some have suggested we rent storage space.  We may need to do so, BUT if we can save some storage costs by using space in your garage or your basement (or, in the case of folding tables and plastic chairs - even a good tarp outside), then we are saving some money so that we can pay the bills that must be paid.

So - please - if you can volunteer a bit of time, if you have some space for storage, if you can drive things from one place to another - please let Kent know and the correct people will be given your information.

Worship and the Côte
In this time of COVID-19 we are planning to continue our worship on-line.  If there are needs to have a special service (baptism, for example) in person, we will make arrangements to do so.  Further, if COVID-19 becomes less of an issue, we have worship space possibilities to carry us through.

Meanwhile, the Côte project is moving ahead, though your ad hoc committee continues to encounter roadblocks.  We expect to go to tender in the near future, but builders are extremely busy.  Stay tuned!  You can be sure the ad hoc committee is working on this.

Final Comments
As noted, there have been many rumours about the sale.  One such rumour was that the building would become a mosque after sale.  There has apparently been some negative reaction in the community to this, which may be construed as Islamophobia.  We should be clear that our church leadership would have equally considered a sale to a Muslim group; we had an absolutely wonderful Muslim speaker come to us from the mosque in Dorval for one of our Lenten events, and some of our members and your minister have had very positive contact with the Islamic Cultural Centre of Vaudreuil.  Let us remember that we are called to love our neighbours - those similar to us, and those who are different! 

That's it for the moment.  Be well, and hope to see you soon!