Worship in Person Survey

Submitted by webtech on Wed, 04/21/2021 - 00:51

Would you choose to worship "in person" if this were offered?

Many in the congregation have received one dose of vaccine.

While many have joined worship regularly on-line, others have not.  We miss seeing you if you haven't! 

While case counts and variants are very high as I write this (April 22), we hope that these will begin to diminish in a few weeks with the increased vaccination count.

Therefore, some of you may be thinking about worshiping in person.  We want to hear your thoughts.  It is anticipated, though, that restrictions will be in place for some time to come.  Some of these restrictions at this time are:

  • Restrictions on numbers of people gathering (Currently 25)
  • Distancing (2m) from people not from the same address. 
  • NO physical contact between people from different addresses
  • Procedural masks (ie, "disposable")
  • No congregational singing;  spoken responses to be murmured
  • No choral singing;  soloist possible with certain measures in place
  • No passing of offering plates or communion plates
  • No movement during the service
  • No food or beverage
  • Activities other than worship not allowed or severely restricted (depending on zone)

Of course, many of you may be wondering where would this happen if it did happen?  Well, we have one or more possible appropriate spaces that could be used.  That is not the question. 

At the same time, it is clear that we will continue on Zoom even if worshiping "in person".    There are people who cannot make it to church, or at least cannot make it to church on a given Sunday for various reasons.  Others would choose not to attend at least until after the second vaccination this summer.  And by having Zoom always available, then in the future when there are storms or illness or other factors - folk will still be able to attend and participate. 

Please read the above before responding!  Thanks!

Would you choose to worship "in person" if this were offered?
Note that restrictions are expected to continue at least through the summer.
Also that even if there is "in person" gathering, one will still be able to join the services through Zoom.