Wyman Church was named for the Rev. Daniel Wyman, whose vision was the inspiration for its construction in 1907.

Wyman Memorial United Church celebrated 100 years in 2007. Two new stained glass windows; the St. Andrews and Jan Van Egmond Memorial Windows, were unveiled in October of the anniversary year. Prior to 1907, Hudson Methodist Church in central Hudson was built in 1872 and closed in 1907 when Wyman Memorial United Church was built.

Cote St. Charles United Church has been a place of worship for 150 years. The Cote St. Charles Methodist Church was destroyed by fire in 1905 but the residents rallied together and built another chapel before the year was out. In 1966 the church underwent extensive renovation. This same church continues to serve the community and during the summer months the Wyman congregation joins together for weekly services. It is also the site for the Cote St. Charles United Church cemetery.