Gifts with Vision

During the Advent and Christmas seasons, the people of the congregation were invited to give "Gifts with Vision" - a way to let loved ones know we were thinking of them, and, at the same time, make a real difference in the world.  The congregation came through with 845$ of gifts for:

Bull calf for Kenyan women's farming co-op
Aid for displaced persons - Palistinians in Jordan;  and others in Kenya and Columbia
6 x Food support for northern First Nations communities in Canada
Safe House for children against the endemic human trafficing in northeastern India*
Every Kid Jam, program of the Montreal City Mission, touching the lives of newcomer children from Syria and others
Cultural revitalization for Mini Thni First Nation youth "in care"**
Garden and beehive supplies, and training, for St-Columba House in Montreal
Supplies and leadership for UCC camps, including one in our own Region
24 hot meals, Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre, St. John's, NL
Healing circle for Sixties Scoop survivors and Indigenous adoptees
One olive tree sapling for the Palestinian territories where thousands of trees have been destroyed.  (livelihood and nutrition)
Farming for sustainability:  Training for one farmer at the Palawan farm in the Philippines
Amplify Voices for Peace - working with children in Columbia
Indigenous Women's Safety
Feed Children in the Philippines
Living with dignity and hope:  Toronto's downtown east side - clothing, skills…