Soon - Bientôt

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 19/01/2020 - 16:00 Other (see text)

We have been doing a lot behind the scenes, but the transition has now begun in a real sense.
Until new notice, there are no services at the Côte Church. All activites are being held at Wyman Memorial United Church, 513 Main Road in Hudson - this includes Christmas services.

At this time, in preparation for renovation, the Côte church is not available for services. At the time of writing, in November, many items, including furniture, have been removed for safe storage.

United News - 2019-11

In the attached United News newsletter, you will find:

  • Reflection: What to do after the election
  • Special November Services
  • Stewardship Luncheon
  • From the Choir
  • Gifts with Vision
  • Christmas Season is Coming - Calendar
  • Why Buy Fundscrip?

For financial gifts and gifts of time and talents

Some of us contribute weekly through envelopes, some monthly through Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR), some by credit card, some annually by cheque, or some combination of these.  Please enter your financial pledge for 2020 in the appropriate places below.   Use the SUBMIT to send.  It will be sent to our Administrator, Doris Elliott and will be handled in confidence.

United News - October 2019

In the attached United News newsletter, you will find:

  • Thanksgiving Letter from the Minister
  • Our Seasonal Calendar
  • Welcome to Children!
  • KAIROS Blanket exercise
  • Birthday invitation
  • New members' Sunday
  • Welsh Choir
  • Our Congregation: Journeying into the future
  • Stewardship Campaign
  • From the Choir Loft
  • Climate Change and Us
  • Media Communications Protocol
  • Calendars for 2020
  • All Saints' Day