Closing Worship

Submitted by webtech on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 15:24

We anticipate the sale of the Wyman church building.  Normally one would have a big service and a meal to mark the transition - - but in this time of COVID, such an event is not possible.  So your Worship & Fellowship Committee has been considering what to do, recognizing the restrictions from our government, and also respecting the protocols for our Phase 2 re-opening.  

Thus, assuming that things are much the same when the time comes, we see a ‘rotating service’ - where 20 people would come into the church for a fifteen minute remembrance/celebration, and then these people would leave, sanitation would take place, and another 20 would be admitted.  (We are currently allowed 25 in the sanctuary, but that includes the minister, musician, tech and ushers).  We would set up a schedule so you would know when you would be coming in.

Would you attend a closing celebration at Wyman of approximately 15 minutes?