Children's Program

Wyman Children's Program welcomes children of all ages from September to June. We provide many opportunities for children to be involved in the church service and in their Sunday school class.

In the back of the sanctuary you will find a rocking chair, crayons, colouring books, and a little bit of extra space with a carpet to settle the children and focus on the worship service.

Children are invited at each service to join the minister at the front of the sanctuary for some sharing time and reflection on the week’s readings. A prayer is shared and the children can either stay with their parents in the sanctuary or join the children's activities.

The activities are varied, frequently involving crafts, music and discussion

Outside of the regular children's program, children are encouraged to be active members of the church community through participation in Christmas and Easter dramas, lighting candles during the season of Advent, hosting Pancake luncheons during the season of Lent, and presenting songs to the congregation during worship.

Confirmation classes are available for children thirteen and older, upon request.